Therapeutic approach against COPD

"Karger Kompass Pneumologie": Article about Nature publication on promising COPD-therapy

Lung tissue with typical COPD features (purple: B cells, green: T cells, blue: nuclei)

How can the lungs regenerate and how can incurable diseases like COPD possibly be cured after all? This is the research approach being pursued by ILBD/CPC-M-Institute Director and DZL PI Ali Önder Yildirim's group. Their idea is to develop a lymphotoxin beta receptor that could stimulate lung tissue regeneration. In a Nature publication (lead author: Tom Conlon, ILBD/CPC-M, DZL), the researchers detailed this promising approach.

The journal "Karger Kompass Pneumologie" dedicates an article to this research approach in its column "Spektrum Pneumologie" (p. 50, german)

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