Aerosols and the Human Lung

Scientific textbook on aerosol science by DZL-PI Dr. Otmar Schmid published by World Scientific

Dr. Otmar Schmid from the DZL-site Munich (CPC-M) has published a new scientific textbook:

Aerosols and the Human Lung - An Introduction

His co-authors are Chantal Darquenne and G Kim Prisk (both University of California, San Diego, USA).


The book is addressed to researchers working in the multi-faceted field of aerosol science including related fields of respiratory medicine and environmental health. It provides a comprehensive overview of the field of aerosol science with emphasis on particle inhalation and its effect on the lung, predominately in humans. It covers the basics of aerosol behavior transport, deposition, clearance, and effects of aerosols, both environmental and therapeutic. Aimed at the researcher entering the field of aerosol inhalation it provides a valuable introductory resource in an accessible format.

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