Google Maps of the Lung

DZL-PI Herbert Schiller on Deutschlandfunk Kultur about the ‚Human Cell Atlas‘

Every lung disease begins with a malfunction at the cellular level. How researchers are trying to decipher these processes at the cellular level is explained by Herbert Schiller (ILBD/CPC-M) in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur. In particular, he explained the special possibilities of modern single-cell genomics, namely to see the whole picture of the millions of cells in the lung, the context instead of just a snapshot:

What is the "address" of which cell in the lung, what state is it in, how does it communicate with other cells? And most importantly, what is the difference between healthy and diseased cells?

The ultimate goal, according to Herbert Schiller in the interview: A kind of "Google Maps of the human lung." You can find out more about how the international "Human Cell Atlas" project intends to achieve this goal here.

The broadcast with Herbert Schiller is available in the DLF media library (german)