Research explained clearly

Herbert Schiller on ARD-alpha about the 50 different cell types in the lung and his research on new therapeutics

Still from „The human cell atlas“, © ARD-alpha

From november 9 to 13, ARD-Alpha (german TV) reported on research at the Helmholtz Center in the program "Schwanke meets Science". Presenter Karsten Schwank led the audience through different scientific topics, from common diseases such as diabetes to artificial intelligence and Big Data in medicine.
DZL-PI Herbert Schiller was a guest in the fifth episode called "The Human Cell Atlas". In the second part of the broadcast, he explains clearly what happens in the lung at the cellular level; how diseases or inflammations affect communication within the cell or between cells. And he describes his research on drugs that could stimulate the regeneration of lung cells.

"SMS - Schwanke meets Science" is a new, innovative knowledge format for ARD-alpha. Meteorologist and presenter Karsten Schwanke travels to different research institutes across Germany to learn about the recent advancements in science and to explore the passion and vision of the researchers.

The broadcast with Herbert Schiller is available in the ARD media library (german):