DFG appoints Heisenberg professorship

DZL group leader Prof. Bianca Schaub is focusing on the development of allergic diseases in childhood
Prof. Bianca Schaub

Prof. Bianca Schaub - © LMU München

Why and when do children get allergic diseases? And what role does the development of the immune system plays from birth to childhood?

DZL-PI Bianca Schaub is working on this research topic and was appointed to a Heisenberg Professorship of the DFG (German Research Foundation). She has accepted the appointment and teaches at the Ludwig Maximilians University. The title of the professorship: "Environment and immunological tolerance development with focus on the development of allergic diseases".

For this purpose, Prof. Schaub examines and compares different birth cohorts and cross-sectional groups (cohorts) of children, including KIRA (new: ALLIANCE), the clinical study "Children and Asthma". All DZL locations, including the CPC-M in Munich, take part in KIRA/ALLIANCE.

The goal of Prof. Schaub's research is to identify immunological mechanisms in the development of allergic diseases in childhood. This is also relevant for asthma in adults, as transition of asthma phenotypes between children and adults is currently not well understood.

Bianca Schaub is Consultant and Deputy Head of the Asthma and Allergy Department at Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital, LMU Munich. 

The Heisenberg Professorship, named after the physicist Werner Heisenberg, promotes outstanding scientists according to the criterion of scientific excellence.